Steak Veggie Bowl with Brown Rice

Waba- Steak Veggie Bowl with Brown Rice


All the Waba options will feature brown rice due to the fact that calories are reduced by 55, carbohydrates are reduced by 15g, and dietary fiber is increased by 4g.

The steak with veggie bowl has many of the positives going for it as the steak bowl with brown rice. It has a reasonable amount of calories at 535, more than half of your protein intake, 9g of dietary fiber, and best of all it comes at a mere 350mg of sodium! Be wary of consuming anymore sugars throughout the rest of the day since this option has 10g our of your 25g daily limit.

Food Component Recommended Daily Values (DV) Amount of Daily Value Left
Serving Size (g) Not Provided N/A N/A
Calories* 535 2000 1465
Calories from Fat** 175 550 375
Total fat (g) 20 65 45
Saturated Fat (g) 8.5 20 11.5
Trans Fat (g)*** 1 < 2 <1
Cholesterol (mg) 70 300 230
Sodium (mg) 350 2400 2050
Total Carb (g) 61 330 269
Dietary Fiber (g) 9 25 16
Total Sugar (g)**** 10 25 15
Protein (g) 31 50 19
* = Based on a 2,000 calorie daily intake per Food and Drug Administration (FDA) label use ** = Based on averaging the American Heart Association (AHA) recommendation limits 20% to 35% and multipying by 2,000 daily calorie intake *** = Based on AHA recommendations of less than 1% daily intake of calories from Trans fats (2,000 daily calorie intake x 1% calories from Trans Fat= 20 calories x (1 gram fat/10 calories)=2 grams of Trans Fat) **** = WHO guideline recommendation for adults and children of <25 grams a day