Grilled Chicken Sandwich Mayo-Free



The Grilled Chicken Sandwich without mayonnaise has a couple of things going for it. This option has a massive amount of protein, 36g to be exact. There are only a few other items available at Burger King with more protein (Bacon King Sandwich™ at 61g of protein) but those items also contain nearly a days worth of recommended sodium intake (2400mg) in one sitting (Bacon King Sandwich™ at 2150mg of sodium). At only 740mg of sodium, the Grilled Chicken Sandwich is an obvious alternative even with a lower protein content. The item also features 0g of Trans Fat which is a welcomed break from other options which contain more than the daily recommended limit (<2g) for Trans Fat. The item does have 75mg, or 25 percent, of your daily cholesterol intake so be conscious of other high cholesterol containing foods in your diet.

Food Component Recommended Daily Values (DV) Amount of Daily Value Left
Serving Size (g) 214 N/A N/A
Calories* 370 2000 1630
Calories from Fat** 70 550 480
Total fat (g) 7 65 58
Saturated Fat (g) 2 20 18
Trans Fat (g)*** 0 < 2 <2
Cholesterol (mg) 75 300 225
Sodium (mg) 740 2400 1660
Total Carb (g) 39 330 291
Dietary Fiber (g) 6 25 19
Total Sugar (g)**** 7 25 18
Protein (g) 36 50 14
* = Based on a 2,000 calorie daily intake per Food and Drug Administration (FDA) label use ** = Based on averaging the American Heart Association (AHA) recommendation limits of 20% to 35% and multiplying by 2,000 daily calorie intake *** = Based on AHA recommendations of less than 1% daily intake of calories from Trans fats (2,000 daily calorie intake x 1% calories from Trans Fat= 20 calories x (1 gram fat/10 calories)=2 grams of Trans Fat) **** = WHO guideline recommendation for adults and children of <25 grams a day