Grilled Chicken Sandwich Mayo-Free



The Grilled Chicken Sandwich without mayonnaise has a couple of things going for it. This option has a massive amount of protein, 36g to be exact. There are only a few other items available at Burger King with more protein (Bacon King Sandwich™ at 61g of protein) but those items also contain nearly a days worth of recommended sodium intake (2400mg) in one sitting (Bacon King Sandwich™ at 2150mg of sodium). At only 740mg of sodium, the Grilled Chicken Sandwich is an obvious alternative even with a lower protein content. The item also features 0g of Trans Fat which is a welcomed break from other options which contain more than the daily recommended limit (<2g) for Trans Fat. The item does have 75mg, or 25 percent, of your daily cholesterol intake so be conscious of other high cholesterol containing foods in your diet.

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